Integrating and Troubleshooting Cloudflare with WeWeb: Solving Race Conditions and Turnstile Loading Issues

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed a problem related to integrating Cloudflare into their WeWeb setup. The issue was that they were trying to get a script tag from Cloudflare to work in WeWeb, but it wasn't performing as expected. To troubleshoot, they used the WeWeb embed tool to input Cloudflare's code, during which they discovered a timing mismatch issue between when the Cloudflare library loaded and when their code loaded.

The Changers then applied JavaScript's "setTimeout" function to delay the execution of their code, enabling Cloudflare's library to load properly. However, this solution didn't work as expected, so they explored further by checking the browser's development tools. They then found an error related to "async" and "defer" attributes in their script tags. After reviewing the Cloudflare documentation, they discovered they had to replace 'Turnstile.Ready' with 'Turnstile.Callback'. Consequently, they removed the "setTimeout" function as it was no longer required. The solution seemed to work, although it triggered an "invalid domain" error that indicated the need to adjust the turnstile settings to match the WeWeb domain. Before concluding, they explained the reason for the success of their solution, highlighting the importance of understanding how different codes load and interact with each other to avoid race conditions. Keywords mentioned during the meeting: Cloudflare, WeWeb, script tag, JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 6/12 AM )

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