Integrating Microblink ID Scanning and Xano for Event Attendance Verification

During the State Changers' meeting, the participants discussed a project involving the usage of various APIs and SDKs, particularly focusing on Blink ID (an identification card information extraction solution) and Xano (an API generation platform). The main objective of the project is to create a front-end experience where users' devices can scan their IDs, capture their name and ID number, and ideally store this data in Xano. This would provide a fast, automated way for users to create accounts without manual data input.

The secondary role of the system is to allow event representatives to scan the IDs of attendees. If the name and ID exist and are tied to tickets for the event, the user is permitted entry. One possible solution that was discussed for achieving the stated objectives is to use the camera on the user's device to capture ID information, then use Blink ID to process images and extract information. However, it was noted that capturing images from a user's device is a UX challenge, while storing and analyzing images to extract information is a technical challenge. The State Changers also discussed the possibility of using a Bubble extension for Blink ID, which seemed to offer a viable solution to integrate Blink ID with the Bubble platform. It was suggested that this option be further investigated before delving into more complicated solutions, such as piecing together different technologies - such as capturing an image, uploading it to Xano, and using Xano to send it to MicroBlink. Overall, the meeting was focused on understanding the problem at hand, examining potential solutions, and considering appropriate technologies, such as Blink ID, Xano, and Bubble, to implement the project.

(Source: Office Hours 7/7 )

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