Integrating Mixpanel into Flutter: Exploration, Issues, and Future Strategies

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed the integration of Mixpanel into FlutterFlow. Amir shared his code stack and process, which mainly involved terminal use and adding dependencies. The discussions revolved around the implementation of a new custom action and its attachment to the main dot dart. The State Changers also touched upon issues with the script tag being overly chatty with the server causing some inconveniences.

An important point raised during the discussion was related to the aspect of maintaining the state of Mixpanel in the application. The State Changers agreed to maintain communication regarding the progress with Mixpanel and its state. Furthermore, the group addressed some issues with FlutterFlow, especially conflicts that arose with multiple users interacting simultaneously. Daniel was mentioned to be working on the notification side, and there was speculation regarding any potential interest of Mixpanel in this aspect. The meeting concluded with the anticipation of further cooperation within the following week and an emphasis on bringing ongoing issues to the forum. Finally, Ivan, a participant, clarified that he attended to observe the meeting without any particular questions.

(Source: Deep Dive Flutterflow Native Package 8/30/2023 )

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