Integrating Push Notifications into iOS Application using Xano and Lambda Functions

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed potential strategies for adding push notifications to an already launched and well-performing app. The participant's main query revolved around integrating HTTP2 and certificate-secured tunneling into their system, without knowing how to begin.

The process involves using features from Xano, particularly a Lambda feature and the environment variables. Xano's environment variable is where the contents of the PEM (Private Email) file should be pasted. This PEM file is basic C4 encoding, a standard that curl uses to load the file into memory and assist with the certificate tunneling process. This is seen as an advanced task and requires some further work to ensure its seamless operation. In terms of confidentiality, it was recommended that to avoid exposing sensitive information, the participant can share their Loom videos via DMs for reviews and advice. They discussed using a tool called Script Pack to piece together some code which will be then put into the Lambda feature of Xano. The participant was tasked to copy the contents of the PEM file into a Xano environment variable and to copy the curl functionality into their forum discussion. The State Changers concluded the meeting by promising the recording will be up for further reviews within an hour or two.

(Source: Office Hours 4/10 )

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