Integrating Xano with Google Console and Firebase for Non-Profit Housing Services Platform Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a nonprofit development project aimed to provide housing for mentally disabled individuals. The main issue was finding the best platform for housing the core functions of the project.

The project initiator had established some setup in Google Console and Firebase but was considering integrating with Xano because of the ease of use with Bravo Studio. However, there was a tension between having the core of their operation housed within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Xano. The main consensus was that while both could be used, it could cause unnecessary complexity. The better approach would be to decide where the heart of the business would be housed. If the organization leaned more towards a GCP-centric setup, then using Xano might be reconsidered. A suggestion was made that the best patterns would involve determining where the project was currently and where it should be in the future. A shift from the current position to the new one would be preferable to small, disjointed changes. Auth0 was mentioned as a good source of authentication, working well with Xano. This was contrasted with Firebase, which while it could work with Xano, might involve more work and complexity. The goal proposed was to stay customer value centric, such as creating a smarter system with Dialogflow instead of focusing too much on how information is stored. The meeting concluded with an understanding that while Firebase, Google Console, and Xano can all be utilized in the project, selective and strategic integration that prioritizes simplicity and customer value is key. Future office hours were scheduled to deal with any individual sticking points on the project.

(Source: Office Hours 8/17 )

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