Integration and Functionality Discussion on JavaScript, WeWeb and Fast Comments

This StateChange meeting was centered around a technical discussion about implementing comments from a third-party system "Fast Comments" into a single page web app using JavaScript and the web development platform, WeWeb.

State Changers Kent and Cam, alongside the meeting host, explored how to embed "Fast Comments" script into the page workflow in WeWeb. The main aim was to enable distinct sets of comments for each category on the web app. The process was equated to ordering pizza - the HTML div on the page represents setting the table, loading the JavaScript code from Fast Comments is ordering the pizza, a time delay gives the pizza a chance to cool, and the last bit of code puts the pizza on the table (connecting the Fast Comments code with the div). The meeting also touched on hosting code, explaining that the WeWeb Embed tool doesn't host code, but creates code that operates within the user's environment, whereas ScriptTag hosts code with State Change, backed by Xano. Towards the end, the discussion veered towards using custom JavaScript to update the comment section as users shift from one category to another. The presentation emphasized the event-driven nature of JavaScript and recommended that the custom JavaScript should be applied to workflows representing specific events in the application. Lastly, the function of ScriptTag as a hosting platform for code that runs once at the beginning of the page life cycle was discussed. This meeting would be helpful for individuals using WeWeb for application development and those working with JavaScript, specifically for those dealing with third-party comment system integration or single page web applications.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3/2023 )

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