Integration Discussion: Filtering and Limiting a List with Multiple Inputs

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion is about creating an endpoint that takes four different inputs to filter and limit a list. The participant is unsure about the best approach, whether to pass all the parameters to one endpoint or have different endpoints based on the user's selection. They also discuss the format of the inputs, such as location being a text and the need to separate origin and destination into separate fields.

One participant suggests using the built-in search feature to improve the filtering process. They explain that the criteria for the search are to find flights from either a specific location or a set of locations within a given radius. The participant realizes that using the built-in search functionality would make the process much better and less confusing than using individual inputs. The conversation then shifts to discussing private planes and the need to consider smaller airfields in addition to major airports. They agree that using a search-based approach will solve this issue. Towards the end of the meeting, one participant notes that the discussions are becoming more conceptual and less focused on quick-fix solutions. This is seen as a positive development and a testament to the participant's teachings. They also discuss managing user tables, with the conclusion being that there is no need to manage two separate user tables. Overall, the meeting centers around finding the best approach for creating an endpoint that filters flight options based on user inputs, including location, origin, destination, and radius. The participants explore the use of the built-in search functionality and the importance of separating origin and destination inputs. They also touch on broader conceptual discussions and the management of user tables.

(Source: Office Hours 3/30 )

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