Integration Process and Challenges: Firebase, Web three auth, Xano, and FlutterFlow

The State Changers held a meeting to discuss integrating Web 3.0 authentication (Web 3 auth) using Firebase and the no-code platforms, Xano and Flutterflow. They explored the process of logging in and the generation of a crypto wallet address on authentication, planning to use Polygon as the blockchain. The meeting stressed on how Web 3 auth was useful in removing custody issues, as it splits the private key between the user and the authentication provider.

The meeting also discussed the structure and function of JSON Web Tokens, alongside details on ID tokens and access tokens, the latter allowing certain actions to be performed on behalf of the user. It was postulated that the ID token obtained from Firebase could be used to start a connection with Web 3 auth's backend for initiating further processes. Lastly, the participants looked at the library called ethers provided by Xano, which allows bits of JavaScript code to be inserted into the overall function stack for more complex cryptographic operations. While there were speculations about whether using the ID token server-to-server would require another user login, the meeting concluded by emphasizing that there would need to be some experimentation to clarify this. Keywords: Xano, Firebase, Web 3 auth, ID token, access token, JWT, ethers, Flutterflow, Polygon.

(Source: Office Hours 12/29 )

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