Integration Queries: Authenticating with Web Three Auth, Firebase, and Flutterflow

The State Changers discussed the integration of various authentication tools and processes into Flutterflow. Specifically, the topic of JWT tokens and their applicability with other backend software was raised. The State Changers were uncertain about the proper way to use Web three auth with Flutterflow and were questioning whether it should be integrated with Flutterflow or Xano, or both. They also discussed different authentication mechanisms such as OAuth authorization code flow, and the client credentials authentication.

One State Changer conveyed his experience in dealing with a fintech company and a banking provider in Africa and how they used the OAuth authorization code flow for authentication in their Bravo Studio app. He explained how a web browser window inside the app facilitates the process. The other part of the discussion revolved around trying to implement Web three auth's SDKs. The State Changers discussed whether it might be more beneficial to try integrating the SDKs directly into Firebase or Flutterflow. The potential utilization of Web three auth to create an alternative cryptographic key was also a point of discussion. The participants proposed a future session in which they can talk through how to bring Web three auth to Flutterflow, focusing on the specifics rather than the general mode. The meeting concluded with anticipation of further discussion on the given topic. Keywords mentioned: Flutterflow, Xano, Web three auth, Firebase, OAuth, JWT token, SDKs.

(Source: Office Hours 12/29 )

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