Investigating Performance Issues in WeWeb Editor

In this meeting, the State Changer is discussing performance issues with the WeWeb editor. They are experiencing slow loading times and crashes when copying and pasting elements in the editor. The State Changer investigates the number of DOM nodes and finds that it increases significantly when duplicating components. They also experiment with conditional rendering to reduce the number of DOM nodes. The State Changer raises concerns about the performance of the WeWeb editor, considering the high number of DOM nodes and the potential impact on the system. The State Changer also explores the browser's performance monitor to analyze the performance of their website compared to the WeWeb editor. They discuss potential causes of the performance issues, such as custom JavaScript code and the use of Lottie animation. The State Changer tries to navigate through different elements in the editor to identify the ones containing a large number of DOM nodes, but doesn't find any specific issue. Suggestions are made to clone the project and remove elements to assess their impact on performance. It is also suggested to consider splitting the workspace into multiple pages to improve performance. The State Changer plans to continue investigating the performance issues and will update the group with any resolutions or insights from WeWeb support.

(Source: Office Hours 9/11/2023 )

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