Managing Data Integrity and Audit Tables for Player Trades

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed strategies for effectively tracking player trades, considering both current and historical data. The concept of creating a data integrity system through the use of an 'audit table' was introduced. The audit table would register each change and when it happened, effectively working as a history log or ledger, similar to blockchain. Meanwhile, the current state of affairs could be kept separately in another table. This would mitigate the overhead of combining two complex processes into one system and could avoid problems arising from simultaneous requests for the same information.

The process of updating the player record, instead of adding new ones, was explained in detail, with the creation of unique record IDs for efficient referencing. The benefits of separating these functions between two tables were emphasized for clarity and simplicity. Tools like VLOOKUP were brushed upon, although most of the focus was discussing data tables and tracking changes. The meeting concluded with some informal exchanges about personal interests and geographical locations among the team. There was no explicit mention of any of the specified keywords in this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 11/3 )

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