Mastering PR: A Guide to Getting Your Message Out and Building Brand Awareness

In this meeting, Greg from Jolly SEO shares his expertise on using PR to gain exposure for businesses, specifically through the platforms Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and Featured. He explains how these platforms connect journalists and marketers with experts in various fields for interviews and quotes in articles. Greg emphasizes the value of PR for businesses, especially non-profits and local businesses, as a cost-effective way to increase visibility and establish authority. He also mentions the importance of relevancy in targeting the right publications and provides insights on navigating the platforms. Greg offers a paid course and agency services for those who want assistance, but also encourages individuals to give it a try on their own for free. He concludes by highlighting the potential of PR for different industries and urging businesses to persist in their efforts to secure mentions and exposure.

(Source: SC Extra: Greg Heilers on PR and SEO 9/27/2023 )

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