Mastering Stripe Webhooks: Understanding JSON, Data Visualization, and Conditional Logic

In this meeting, the State Changers team discusses Stripe and webhook data integration. They start by discussing how to make viewing JSON data easier by using a JSON formatter website. They also suggest creating separate webhooks in Xano for different events instead of using one webhook for multiple events. They explain that each webhook should be associated with a specific event and how to set this up in Xano. They also provide tips on how to navigate through JSON data to find the desired information.

The team then talks about storing and comparing dates in Xano. They suggest creating a function to compare the current date with a specified date and provide an example of how to implement this using data manipulation and conditional statements. They also mention using preconditions to throw error messages if certain conditions are not met. They explain how to convert a date into a timestamp for accurate comparison. Overall, the meeting focuses on troubleshooting webhook data and handling date comparisons in Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 7/29 )

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