Navigating APIs: A Deep Dive into RapidAPI, Data Access, and Vendor Relationships

The State Changers discussed a problem with creating a report via CloudConvert, which was resolved by passing the user's token as a URL parameter. Then, the issue of accessing APIs, specifically those of Zillow's provided by Bridge Interactive, was brought up. The difficulty of gaining access to these APIs was highlighted, and the use of RapidAPI as a workaround was discussed. The safety and reliability of such services were contemplated, including the potential risk of penalization if breaches in terms of service occur. Although RapidAPI might offer solutions, some issues, such as potential response time and the possibility of the APIs being scraping-based, were addressed. Suggestions about possible alternative sources or contacts to directly access Zillow or Bridge Interactive were provided. The meeting concluded with an intention to give more detailed insights about real estate data vendors to the group. The major tools and technologies discussed included CloudConvert, Zillow, Bridge Interactive, and RapidAPI.

(Source: Office Hours 2/24 )

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