Navigating Authentication Tokens with Google and Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the issue of generating a single auth token when users log in through Google. They mentioned that Google generates a separate auth token than when a user logs in with the application. The participants discussed the process of using identification tokens (ID tokens) and access tokens. The ID token is received when logging in using Google and contains information about the user and is cryptographically signed by Google. The participants explained that this ID token can be sent to another platform (Xano) to confirm the user's identity and obtain an access token. The access token is used to authenticate the user and provides access to resources. By using this process, the participants stated that they could have a single token for authentication purposes. The discussion then focused on the specific issue faced by the person presenting, who was unable to find the auth token for demo users created through Google. They examined the workflow for authenticating users from Google and noticed that a code was being generated, which they believed could be the auth token they were looking for. They recommended further investigation and suggested using video/screen sharing tools like Loom to provide clear visuals of the issue and seek assistance. The meeting concluded with a discussion on how to efficiently communicate and troubleshoot future issues.

(Source: Office Hours 3/16 )

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