Navigating Challenges with Nested Grids in Wiz and WeWeb for Dynamic Data Setup

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the challenges they were facing with using coding tools. Kamir, one participant, was having trouble setting up a nested grid using a documentation provided by Xano due to some inconsistencies between the video and the code. His objective was to remove dependency on the tool Wiz for some of his activities. However, the group advised against this, suggesting that it would be more efficient to use Wiz, WeWeb, Bubble and Adalo for base-level work, and only resort to custom JavaScript for unique, high-value functionalities.

Discussions also covered the shortcomings of different tools. For example, Wiz was pointed out to have a downside in terms of data recovery from backup, a problem experienced by more than one participant. Also, the usability of WeWeb was criticized as being slower and less convenient for design than Webflow. Specific solutions were not covered in detail but there was a consensus towards a low-code approach, with exceptions for using Javascript when required. The overarching recommendation was to leverage the functionalities of established tools like those mentioned above, while keeping custom code to a minimum, to be used only for creating unique, high-value features.

(Source: Office Hours 2/10 )

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