Navigating the SaaS Model for a High-End Market & the Challenges of Data Security: Finding the Balance

In this meeting, George discusses his plans to switch from an agency model to a SaaS model for his business. He gathered feedback from potential buyers and found that they were more interested in the SaaS model and wanted to pay lower prices. However, he faces challenges in terms of data security and the cost of licensing for each user. The participants discuss the potential solutions, including using Xano for multi-instance management and investing in security measures. They also talk about the importance of serving the high-end market to build brand credibility and using that to attract smaller customers. Additionally, they discuss the need for ongoing market research and understanding the specific pain points of the customers. They also explore the different paths George can take and the potential risks and investments involved. The meeting ends with George expressing his appreciation for the insights gained and the need to further validate his ideas with both high-end and low-end customers.

(Source: Office Hours 1/16 )

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