Navigation Through FlutterFlow and Xano for Streamlined Toggle Button Functionality

Meeting Summary:

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a problem with a toggle button in an application being built with FlutterFlow, where the participants intend to have an associated action with the click that checks out the app state and uses that logic to add or subtract one count to the 'likes' on a particular element. While the State Changers have previously implemented this feature in Bubble and they encountered quite a bit of complexity, they want to create a smoother experience with FlutterFlow. There are a couple of proposed solutions discussed: 1. A model similar to the one used in Bubble - swapping out two versions of the element based on what is received from Xano (a backend service), and depending on the local state. 2. Updating an underlying variable that the element is tied to - the variable would get updated with new backend information, and it would also become updated by the action of the click. One of the considerations with the proposed solutions is the complexity that comes with managing scroll events, where pagination might cause trouble updating the states. However, it's suggested that these features can be achieved using Dart, a programming language used in FlutterFlow. A caveat is that implementing such a feature might require stepping out of FlutterFlow's 'guardrails' or conventional ways of doing things, and needs a more complex handling of state. The State Changers seem open to this idea and are willingly considering Dart for this feature. They are considering keeping an eye on Flutterflow's release schedule if they might make updates to make it easier to implement. Other platforms and tools mentioned during the meeting include React Native, DraftBit, Xano, Bubble, Appstate, and JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 7/20/23 )

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