No-Code Authentication, Authorization, and Subscription Management Tools Discussion

This meeting of State Changers revolved around the state of authentication management and subscription management tools in the no-code space, specifically discussing solutions such as Xano and WeWeb. In the discussion, it was noted that while Xano and WeWeb provide backend support, they don't handle authentication management or subscription management entirely on their own. A noteworthy distinction was made between authentication (verifying identity) and authorization (providing access to resources).

For authentication, the meeting participants advised starting simple, utilizing Xano's authentication service or similar straightforward username/password schemes. For more complex requirements like social login and federated authentication, other services like Auth0, Amazon Cognito, or would be more appropriate. On the topic of authorization, the group suggested utilizing Xano's built-in token-based authorization system. The consensus was to keep authorization relatively simple and secure while letting the market dictate any additional complexity related to authentication. Regarding subscription management, the group agreed that outsourcing to a service like Stripe for straightforward subscriptions was ideal. Other platforms mentioned for handling subscription intricacies were Recurly, Chargebee, and Zoho subscriptions were also highlighted due to familiarity and ease of use. Overall, there was a strong emphasis on the balance between keeping things simple for speed and efficiency while responding to evolving market requirements for more complex features.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3/2023 )

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