OpenAI Automation in Pipedream for Interactive Meal & Workout Generation App with Integration to Firebase

The meeting session involved a discussion around automating a feature for an app. The participants, referred to as State Changers, were working on setting an automation in Pipedream, where OpenAI was used to generate various things, such as a meal or workout plans.

Primary topics discussed comprised "Pipedream", "OpenAI", and "FlutterFlow". The core issue that the participant was encountering was that OpenAI took too long to generate the response which caused FlutterFlow to stop paying attention or declare it as a failure. Through collaboration, they identified that this problem could be solved through applying JavaScript in Pipedream to parse strings into an object which can be worked with. The solution would involve using a "for each" functionality within Pipedream or utilizing Xano to handle looping. It was noted that Pipedream is an up-and-coming choice since other services like Integromat and Zapier often require re-authentication. The participants also discussed how they might use Make as a looping mechanism, and then return to Pipedream for specific Firebase integration due to its stable connection. This Firebase integration would be important in the project as the generated data from OpenAI needs to be converted and manipulated for use in different collections. The meeting concluded with suggestions for further developing the solution, including exploring the addition of code in Pipedream, and returning to the next meeting with the progress of this implementation. The participants agreed that finding a solution that they are comfortable with over a long haul was crucial and that they would take this forward for discussion in their next meeting session.

(Source: Office Hours 8/28/2023 )

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