Optimization Strategies and Caching Techniques for Xano API Calls

The State Changers in this meeting focus on performance issues in Xano, specifically discussing ways to speed up the call function and improve the overall function performance.

The major issues that the participants faced are: slow API calls within loops resulting in performance lag; a lack of parallelization in Xano; and the optimization of database queries and API calls. To address these issues, a number of solutions are suggested: 1. Use of parallelization, caching, restructuring or loops, to address performance bottlenecks. 2. Consider the use of Lambdas for complex functions that cannot be sped up through Xano's no-code approach. 3. The introduction of caching in the 'get product' function to remedy excessive API calls, potentially using a SHA one hash for a local cache or 'API hash' held in a database. 4. If performances are still not satisfactory, contemplate bringing in the use of Javascript for calculations, if necessary. This meeting is useful for those with an understanding of Xano who are trying to optimize their function's performances.

(Source: Office Hours 7/24/23 )

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