Optimizing Account Reviews in Xano

In this meeting, the participants discussed a solution for storing and querying data related to user accounts and the cities they have visited. The main focus was on using Xano to achieve this. The participants explored the use of arrays to store visited cities and discussed how to query accounts based on the cities visited. They also considered the inclusion of additional information such as dates and IDs in the arrays. The participants investigated different approaches to achieve the desired functionality and explored the use of tables and joins to simplify the process. They also touched upon the potential caching benefits of using Xano. Ultimately, they suggested structuring the data by creating a separate table for reviews and linking accounts, cities, and reviews together. This would allow for easier querying and manipulation of the data. The meeting concluded with a demonstration of how to filter and retrieve accounts that have not reviewed a particular city.

(Source: Office Hours 9/7 )

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