Optimizing API Calls and Page Load Speeds for Xano Product Blocks on Bubble

The State Changers discussed ways to optimize a homepage that is making multiple API calls to Xano. Although Xano is handling this well, the State Changers found that the page loading is stuttering when it's accessed on mobile networks or in scenarios where there is no cached data in the device. One possible solution discussed to speed up page load was to cache the data on Bubble's side, however, the State Changers were unsure if this would speed things up significantly.

They proposed running a test to gauge the potential performance improvement. This would involve saving static data in the Bubble database and measuring the loading speed. An alternative solution proposed involved reducing the dynamic nature of the homepage by displaying only one product block instead of four, which could potentially lower the page-load burden. The State Changers also contemplated utilizing Wiz v2 to lookout for a more efficient front-end solution. An SEO-friendly solution was also considered vital for the application. Further discussions touched on how Bubble's flexibility may not handle scaling and peak loads effectively, considering it is not designed for speed. Moreover, it appears that there is an opportunity in Bubble to deliver data in a more cached manner rather than making fresh API calls every time. However, achieving this would require storing the results and setting up a data type in the database, which could be more work initially but would likely pay off in the long run. The State Changers concluded by agreeing to run these tests and implement suggested advice.

(Source: Office Hours 10/28 )

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