Optimizing API Calls: Improving the Performance Through JSON and Hash Management

In this technical meeting, the State Changers discuss how to improve API performance in their system. They discuss how information should be added into fields of a table, focusing specifically on the hash and JSON fields. The hash field is used to look up values in the table while the JSON field will store the output of the API request. The discussed amendments at this stage include manipulating the 'day' variable to form API one to enable data retrieval from the table.

The State Changers also discuss the addition of a JSON field to their 'add record and hash' object and saving the changes to avoid losing work. They note the particular way that "Zeyon" thinks about JSON and anticipate that the system will run slowly at first but then speed up. They also discuss that it may be necessary to reengineer systems in the future for better performance. Furthermore, there is some guidance on maintaining the same input and output shapes where possible when trying to improve performance and minimizing side effects. The dialogue emphasizes the benefits of keeping changes within the box until it's necessary to think outside of the box and redesign systems for improved performance. The result is a system that should become faster over time, not having to make as many API calls. Future performance improvements were teased, with the focus on logic at the core of these potential changes.

(Source: Office Hours 7/24/23 )

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