Optimizing Bubble Workflows with Zano for Sports Data Management

The State Changers had a meeting to discuss how to work with lists in Bubble, a visual programming language. They explored the challenges faced by one of the participants while using Bubble to manage selections and save changes. They discussed how Bubble was linked to, and interacted with, Zano, and looked at the backend workflow.

Key concepts discussed were related to best practices when saving changes. The meeting also covered concerns regarding bouncing and debouncing - the process managing rapid, repeated inputs - and the way it affects usability and performance, especially when using mice or touch screens. The integration complexity of Bubble with Xano was also addressed taking into consideration the network transmission time and the delay added by the API gateway on the Bubble side. The meeting covered possible performance optimisations but concluded that they should get the logic correct first before considering such measures. They also clarified the functionality of the 'add or edit' feature in Bubble: even if there is no change, the edit still takes place. To save performance, an 'If Then' condition can be implemented. This meeting would be beneficial for anyone needing insights on utilising Bubble, managing lists, handling 'add or edit' functionality, or interfacing with Zano.

(Source: Office Hours 8/8 )

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