Optimizing Data Structure and Backing Up Headshot Images

During the meeting, the participants discuss a data structure issue related to the headshots of players. The participant mentions that the data they receive from a sports data standpoint is not well-structured and requires multiple API calls to retrieve the necessary information. They express the need to back up the existing high-quality headshots they have in Xano due to a potential switch to a different data provider with lower quality headshots.

To address this issue, the participant is advised to clone the table containing the headshot information and back up the records in a new table. They are also advised to ensure they have enough player information to piece everything together later on. The participant is encouraged to explore scraping as a potential solution for updating jersey backdrops when player teams change. It is noted that structured data with universally understood ID systems are easier to track. Overall, the meeting focuses on finding ways to handle the data structure challenge posed by the headshots and discusses potential strategies for clean merging and minimizing manual efforts. The meeting concludes with positive exchanges between the participants.

(Source: Office Hours 4/10 )

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