Optimizing Draftbit and Xano Function Stacks for Efficient Flight Scheduling and Alerts System

The State Changers discussed solutions to optimize a project being developed by one of the participants. In this project, DraftBit is used as the front end, while Xano functions as the backend. The project involves external APIs for flight scheduling from vendors. In the meeting, the participant expressed concerns about the efficiency of the function stacks, given the long time it took to run a test with only fifty users.

Several potential optimization methods for the Xano functions were explored. The State Changers suggested minimizing database queries by lifting some queries outside of certain loops and reducing duplicate requests. The participant was used to coding with SQL, so they were advised to try implementing similar efficient coding strategies into their Xano functions. They also recommended replacing certain functions with 'add ons' for easier management. The discussion included how to optimize the performance of sending SMS alerts by initially setting up a list of phone numbers and iterating over that list rather than making repeated database queries. They also suggested the implementation of a more intuitive logic that could potentially enhance the performance of the participant's project drastically. Certain features in Xano, such as EthersJS functionality, were mentioned as a possible solution for handling blockchain-related tasks. Lastly, the possibility of using wallet authentication through Xano was briefly discussed.

(Source: Office Hours 10/3 )

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