Optimizing Endpoint Functions and Avoiding Zero Division Errors in Xano

The State Changers conducted a meeting centered around the problem of encountering an error when executing a function that result in division by zero. The function's purpose was to generate aggregate statistics, carrying out divisions with a variable that could potentially be zero. Two main tools discussed in this process were an unnamed endpoint delivering things to the front-end and Xano's built-in early return statement. The meeting focused on creating a circuit breaker to prevent execution if division by zero would occur.

The implemented solution involved testing the function that was operating on a specific firm ID. The function would observe the variable; if the variable indicated zero, it would return an alternative output rather than completing the full calculation. The use of Xano's early-return tool was proposed to implement this solution. Existing business logic was not able to determine when to execute the function. The functional code was discussed in detail, with emphasis on the variable "total queued", which was used in calculating rates and was the potential denominator leading to the division by zero issue. The solution proposed was for the function to internally check the "total queued" value before going to further calculations. If the total queued would result in a division by zero, the function would return default value, using Xano's early return statement, eliminating the need to change or condition calling of the function externally. Thus, the meeting was aimed at troubleshooting and improving efficiency within an existing codebase, utilizing Xano's programming capabilities.

(Source: Office Hours 2/28 )

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