Optimizing JavaScript for Slide Page Functionality and Limiting Payload Size

The meeting was primarily focused on JavaScript coding issues faced by a team member, specifically dealing with handling extensive payloads across different slides/pages. They discussed potential ways to organize and structure their code to ensure a more efficient and manageable development process.

The State Changers considered pros and cons of splitting their code into individual functions. They clarified that doing so might aid in organization and prevent getting lost in excessively complex code. They also suggested the use of online JavaScript beautifiers to enhance readability. A reference to the "Xano" platform arose during the discussion. The team seemed to be using it to organize different objects sent back as part of payloads. Really, readability and code management were primary concerns, as was ensuring the code wouldn't exceed the character limit set by a low code environment (possibly Webflow). Additionally, the State Changers discussed the importance of ensuring functions were stored globally if they'd be referenced across different elements. This appears to be critical if they are to carry code across varied embeds on the web pages they're building. Though no concrete decisions seem to have been made, the team member was encouraged to follow their current approach, deeming it "relatively straightforward and organized". The meeting concluded with the assumption that the approach seemed sound, and it was suggested they proceed along their chosen path. Suggestions for future focus included examining the actual character count in the code (including comments) and potential external JavaScript sources.

(Source: Office Hours 1/24 )

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