Optimizing OAuth and Redirect URLs for Zapier Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the implementation of OAuth authentication and integration with Zapier. They start by reviewing the basics of OAuth and how it works. They then address issues related to passing user credentials in clear text and recommend using a secure method for authentication.

The State Changers discuss the workflow associated with the submission and the need to create an authorization code for supporting authorization flow. They also discuss the importance of using a client ID in the authentication process. The discussion moves on to the implementation details of OAuth two in the Xano platform. The State Changers go through the steps required to generate a code and how to redirect back to Zapier with the code. They also discuss the concept of access tokens and the need for token validation. The State Changers make adjustments to the code and test the authentication process in Xano and Zapier. They address issues related to client secret validation and ensure that the authentication process works properly. Finally, the State Changers discuss the possibility of implementing a refresh token flow for improved security. They decide to focus on the access token for now and consider adding refresh token functionality later. Overall, the meeting provides valuable insights into the implementation of OAuth authentication and integration with Zapier using the Xano platform.

(Source: Extra - Implementing Oauth2 in Xano and Zapier 9/29/2023 )

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