Optimizing Sequential API Calls for Restaurant App with Asynchronous Data Updates

During the meeting the State Changers discussed the challenges with a multi-step API process which includes calls to get restaurants, get menu, and get ingredients in sequence. The worry was that this sequential process could take up too long, thereby potentially impacting user experience. They discussed how to perform these tasks without making users wait for all processes to complete. The solution proposed was to run the sequence within an API call, separate from the getter call which displays information to the user, thereby allowing the front-end to automatically update at set intervals. They also suggested employing a fire-and-forget approach via Xano, eliminating user waits by having the system constantly check for updates. Another idea was to create a second endpoint that runs the functions which take much time to execute with an internal API request to an external webhook. They explored Xano’s ability to kick off a request and ignore the result, letting the slow process run independently while quickly returning results for the fast process. The discussion concluded with plans to test these solutions to see how they improve application performance and user experience.

(Source: Office Hours 2/2 )

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