Optimizing Token Expiration and Issuing Frequency: Enhancing Authorization Security and Efficiency

This meeting of State Changers focused on highly technical discussions regarding best practices for issuing tokens for "auth renew". The team debated optimal timing for these processes to avoid issues with token expiration and to ensure smoother workflow. It was determined that issuing a new token every three minutes was the best approach as opposed to waiting until near the token's expiration time. This method apparently reduces the likelihood of having system interruptive misses due to token expiration, which can happen if there's a short activity window.

One participant expressed the usefulness of the "script tag" process, which seemed successful in their work, and it elicited a rich discussion about the concept. It was noted that using a script tag based on a timer appeared to work well, as it allowed the system to maintain roughly ten live tokens at any given time, paced nicely to avoid rapid overlapping creation. The discussion was relevant for users involved in complex processes and heavy script-based workflows but didn't specifically touch on mentioned platforms like "Xano", "WeWeb", "FlutterFlow", etc. In the latter part of the meeting, one participant brought up issues regarding his project migration to his homepage, causing some technical glitches - bugs. Though he offered to "muscle through" these issues himself, the team reiterated their willingness to assist in addressing these bugs. The meeting ended without specifying a particular plan to resolve these existing bugs but implied a shared commitment to problem-solving as a team.

(Source: Office Hours 3/30 )

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