Optimizing User Training Log Systems with Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a user log-in system and a way to track their training hours. They used a tool called Xano for backend management, allowing users to log in and keep track of training sessions numerically. They discussed creating a summary page where the user could see how many hours they have completed and how many hours are remaining.

The State Changers outlined the use of decimals to enter session durations, and the subsequent conversion of these hours into a meaningful format that the user could understand. They faced a challenge on how to best structure data for this second piece. The solution suggested was to use the Xano platform's aggregate query functionality to perform the necessary calculations rather than trying to do this manually. The State Changers also discussed the application of different types of return from a query within Xano, such as "list", "exists", and "aggregate". In particular, the meeting focused on leveraging aggregators to summarize data, count distinct values, return min, max, and average values, and perform a multitude of other functions. Overall, this meeting would be valuable for anyone interested in using Xano's backend capabilities to handle complex data structuring and calculations, especially related to tracking user activity.

(Source: Office Hours 12/21 )

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