Optimizing Webflow Animation for Smooth Scroll Transition

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed a front-end issue related to a website they were building. They were trying to recreate a scroll interaction similar to one on another website but were having issues getting it to work smoothly within Webflow. They were using JavaScript and CSS to control the scroll and width of certain elements on their site. They mentioned using script tags and the "hero width" variable to calculate the width of the elements based on the scroll position. They discussed problems with the interaction not working properly in the web flow designer and the need for smoothing and timing improvements.

The State Changers explored possible solutions, including using Webflow interactions and variables, as well as experimenting with code to control the scroll and width. They considered using libraries like jQuery to animate the elements smoothly. They also discussed the potential use of CSS transforms to achieve the desired effect. The meeting ended with a suggestion to optimize the code by using requestAnimationFrame and making use of the GPU for better performance. The State Changers planned to further investigate the code of a similar website and explore different approaches to achieve the desired scroll interaction effect in Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 10/8/2023 )

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