Optimizing Webflow Carousel Functionality and Database Strategies with Xano

The State Changers discussed various technical tools and strategies during their meeting.

Key discussion points included: - Carousel Approach for Webflow: State Changer James suggested a more Webflow-friendly carousel approach using tutorials and libraries, specifically using the JS library named Swipe. Also, James highlighted the usefulness of Wiz and recommended version two, which is still in beta testing. He also discussed the automated scrolling of content and shared tutorial for CMS Slider Workflow by Timothy Riggs. - Data Points and Operation in Zano: Zano was being used to generate and fill data points into HTML markup. An issue was presented with auto-loading, which James assured could be set up in the Zano settings. - Array Manipulation and Database Record Editing: The team discussed the way to add indexes to an array in the database record. The put forth using a method where they first pull the record, then edit it. They also talked about resilient sequencing and how to get the length of an array using 'Count'. - CSS Targeting: The topic of using CSS to target user IDs was also brought up but was not expanded upon much. Some technologies/tools referred to included: Zano, CMS Slider Workflow, Wiz, Swiper library, JavaScript libraries, and others.

(Source: Office Hours 10/27 )

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