Optimizing Webflow's Webhook Functionality with Xano

Upon discussing an API issue at hand, the State Changers mainly discussed methods and techniques for dealing with webhooks from Webflow, utilizing the backend server, Xano. During the meeting, the state changers deliberated on ways to streamline the way the API handles data coming from various forms in Webflow due to its limited webhook capabilities. They also talked about sorting data through a unique identifier—form name, in which based on specific form names, specific functions could be triggered. The State Changers concluded that to handle dynamic data routing efficiently, a "Clearing House" pattern could be established to handle input to direct it to the appropriate function. For managing the extracted data, all the actual functional logic would sit within individual functions that are entirely testable, taking JSON data as an argument and deciding what to do from there. The entire meeting was a technical discussion concerning a procedure for handling the limitations imposed by Webflow's integration with Xano for a potential solution beneficial for a wider audience, not just specific to a single application.

(Source: Office Hours 7/25 )

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