Optimizing Xano Authentication Token Usage and Integration with Typeform

The meeting involved a discussion amongst State Changers about authentication issues, particularly related to Xano auth tokens. One participant, Mike, was faced with a problem similar to a previously solved authentication issue relating to Typeform. To provide a solution, a demonstration was done by James showing how they dealt with the similar problem in the past by using hidden variables in Typeform combined with Xano for authentication.

The team examined the process where a user logs in using the Xano auth, retrieves the auth token, and transfers it to Typeform, which in turn sends it as an ordinary argument with its hidden variables. Using an internal API call, the hidden variable from Typeform gets extracted and placed in the headers. The team also discussed utilizing Xano's preprocessing and TypeForm's hidden variables feature, JSON parsing, as well as making a decision whether or not to add another screen to their existing app. A strategy was shared for handling many user flows and complex logic within Typeform. The discussion wrapped up with the possibility for more exploration into using this method for solving the current issue.

(Source: Office Hours 11/21 )

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