Optimizing Xano Performance and JavaScript Integration

In this meeting, Ray and the speaker discussed an issue with a script tag and budgets. The speaker mentioned that the first script was working fine, but the second one had some code issues. They went through the code and identified the problem, which was a missing character. The speaker made the necessary fixes by adding the missing character and creating a loop. They also discussed a function and its documentation, which helped them determine the correct parameter to use for their desired calculation. They decided to use the PDF function instead of the CFO function. The speaker made the suggested changes to the code and mentioned that they would let Ray know once they finished the task. Ray also provided advice on improving performance by considering a different approach using Lambdas. They discussed the trade-offs between no-code and code solutions and agreed that performance tuning would require implementing code in certain cases. The meeting ended with a discussion about asyncer and plans to address it in the next office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 4/3 )

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