Optimizing Xano setup for fast data processing and efficient database management

The meeting participants, referred to as "State Changers," discussed a messy setup task involving Xano. They explained that they had a management platform for property management companies to list properties on booking platforms like Airbnb. Currently, they are trying to process a large amount of data into Xano as quickly as possible. The current process takes 90 minutes to run and they want to run it every 3 hours. They shared details about the API response they receive for each property and the challenges they face with data conversions and storage. They also mentioned that they are considering different ways to structure the data in the database for efficient querying. The State Changers discussed performance optimization strategies, such as minimizing the number of times they process the data and using update and insert operations instead of add or edit. They also discussed the possibility of getting modified data only to reduce the amount of data to process. The State Changers observed that some operations in Xano, such as get filters, can be slow and suggested using dot syntax for better performance. They concluded by highlighting the areas where Xano can improve and expressed their appreciation for the platform's capabilities.

(Source: Office Hours 9/27 )

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