Optimizing Xano Webhooks for Large Scale Email Campaigns and Client Engagement

This meeting involved the State Changers discussing issues related to managing large influx of calls following the sending of a campaign, specifically using the Xano platform. Concerns were raised about performance clogging, i.e., the system being unable to handle a high volume of requests simultaneously.

An essential diagnostic recommendation was made to comment out everything in the endpoint to establish if the 15 second time lapse being experienced was due to a Xano system inability to handle multiple endpoint requests in a second. Other solutions included using intervening webhook relay services made for caching, batching and porting. Otherwise, the group felt that the webhook was perhaps doing more than necessary. A suggestion was made to simplify and accelerate the process by creating an endpoint that receives the input then dumps it into a simply structured JSON table before getting out of the way. Some knowledge on how database operations under Xano work, particularly around locking, journaling, and unlocking tables, was shared. The concept of database transactions, a new feature in Xano, got mentioned as a performance optimization strategy by batching multiple operations in one transaction. The importance of query optimization came up, as the possibility of encountering problems when operating at high load was discussed. Redis, an in-memory store available in Xano's scale plan was proposed for its faster performance, although there were concerns that every solution adopted would break at some point. The State Changers decided to test these strategies and continue the discussion later. The medium-term strategy was to 10x performance using Redis while considering what further steps to increase performance further. The need for more clarity documentation from Xano about system capabilities was also mentioned. The meeting concluded with agreement to continue brainstorming and testing to refine the ideas proposed.

(Source: Office Hours 2/7 )

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