Overcoming Make Testing Limitations and Solutions for Live Scenarios Editing

The State Changers discussed the challenge of having an efficient testing environment on the "Make" platform, especially when dealing with live scenarios continually triggered by users. One participant described the lack of a proper testing setup, and the risks it poses, such as timing out, getting logged out, and consequently losing work. To handle these situations, they suggested options such as cloning the scenario or turning it off if it was critical. The limitations of these solutions were also acknowledged, including the need for cleaning up misplaced data or the inefficacy of these solutions for specific scenarios, like creating QuickBooks Online invoices. While iterating on client work, the participant suggested turning off the process for a specific period until the required changes are nailed down or cloning it if necessary. One participant highlighted the feature of keeping track of previous versions to rollback if needed. They emphasized an aggressive save strategy to retain 60 days’ worth of versions, somewhat likening this strategy to using GitHub for development.

(Source: Make Secrets with Andy O'Neil 9/20/2023 )

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