Overview of Upgrading Xano's Database Structure and Handling Data Transfer

The meeting involved a detailed discussion between the State Changers regarding issues with a project in Xano, an API first backend development tool. Bailey, a participant of the meeting, faces an issue with a JavaScript onload request and has questions regarding the database structure in Xano. She wants to know how to copy a live database to the test database, for testing new API versions.

Another participant recommends exporting via the structure, not data, and creating a function that calls an API, reads log by log, and then posts requests to update the test database. A simpler solution suggested is exporting to CSV and then importing it back. Intran, the participating expert in the meeting, showed Bailey how to do both manual CSV import preferably for skin start-ups and a more automated function for larger scales. However, while performing the CSV import, Bailey encountered a problem as Xano did not account for it as a valid CSV. Bailey decided to try the automated function way to duplicate it. Additionally, when Bailey was querying all records, it was clarified that test data is utilized due to the active usage of version 1.1, and instructions on which data source to use in the header were given. The "ax-data-source" used in the header was further clarified by referencing the relevant page on it. In conclusion, the meeting served as a platform for troubleshooting issues relating to the Xano database structure, JavaScript, exporting and importing of databases, and making API calls.

(Source: Office Hours 12/9 )

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