Problem Solving and Identifying Technical Steps for OpenAI Table Looping Issues

The State Changers discussed about a looping issue related to the functioning of the OpenAI table. The issue was to run a function through all the records that have a certain asset ID. They discussed executing the loop in a specific order, which was indicative of different IDs like asset ID, lab ID, and step ID. The suggestion was made to approach the problem by creating a function that takes input lab and step ID as an argument and queries a database to figure out the next step. The proposed function was termed as “get next”, with the ability to facilitate the process based on whatever get next returned. The problem-solver suggested that the loop should run until “get next” returns something that isn't false. It was concluded that this approach would make it easier to compose, read, and understand the problem.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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