Procedure for Cloning and Modifying Repositories in GitHub and Visual Studio Code

The State Changers in this meeting were discussing version control workflows, specifically focusing on creating a new GitHub repository directly from a cloned version of an existing repo. They navigate the process with Visual Studio Code, using several commands to create what they referred to as a 'new repo' from a cloned repository. They also addressed possible challenges during the process, such as issues with logging into GitHub and handling hidden items in file explorer view.

The conversation also touched on other file management strategies like file renaming, copying, and deleting within the discussion on creating and managing GitHub repositories. Towards the end of the discussion, the use of WeWeb was mentioned along with the possibility of integrating their work back into it. Overall, the meeting was a hands-on, step-by-step guide on basic to advanced operations with GitHub repositories using command lines in Visual Studio Code, demonstrating how to handle challenges that may arise during the process.

(Source: Office Hours 9/7/2023 )

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