Process of Extracting and Converting Database Records into CSV Format Using Xano

The State Changers' meeting was based on addressing issues related to data export from Xano to CSV. The participants discussed strategies for handling data tables inside Xano, with a focus on extracting the data into CSV format. The discussion went over creating a function for pulling all data from a table and setting up CSV files using the required functions and filters.

The strategies discussed included different aspects like handling inputs and outputs, creating variables for CSV files, arranging rows and columns. The considerations for correct and efficient use of filters, choosing keys were also touched upon. The participants also demonstrated how to save the create a file resource and how to handle metadata using content upload functions. Real-time debugging methods were exemplified, including tips on metadata management. The meeting provided suggestions on best practices for using Xano, along with options to save multiple copies of data and using Xano as a personal backup system.

(Source: Office Hours 1/12 )

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