Recording and Storing Data for Streaks and Practice in Xano

In this meeting, the main topics discussed were related to streaks and data recording. The participant mentioned that they were working on creating current and longest streaks and whether this data should be recorded somewhere. They also discussed the issue with updating the longest streak and the need to store this information. The participant mentioned that they were trying to track total days, practice, and lessons, and were considering using timestamps or integers to represent the length of the lessons. They also discussed the importance of storing the longest streak as it requires looking at all of the data and calculating it. The participant mentioned the use of aggregate queries for calculations and the benefits of storing information in the users table. They also discussed the possibility of implementing all these calculations in one API and explored the use of group blocks in Zeno for organizing code. The participant mentioned they will continue working on implementing these features and will seek further assistance if needed. Overall, the meeting focused on data tracking and organization within the project.

(Source: Office Hours 3/15 )

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