Resetting Passwords Through Recovery Tokens in Xano and WeWeb

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed the usage of Xano and WeWeb to create a system to reset passwords. Carrie was having an issue, she needed to generate a recovery token and append it to her action URL. This token is to be used to open up an endpoint within WeWeb which would then send a request to another endpoint to reset the password.

The team worked on creating a unique password recovery token by editing the user table in the database, associating it with a specific user, and including it in an action URL sent through an email. The focus was on security, ensuring the created token is random and difficult to decode or fake. The plan was to have the user reset their password by using this dynamic token. The main steps involved included checking whether the user exists, creating the token, associating the token with a user, and including the token in a URL sent via email. Once the email is sent, the user will click on the link, which will open up an endpoint on WeWeb. This redirects to another page for resetting passwords where the system checks for the token and resets the password based on the user's input. Carrie plans to continue her experimentation with this approach and will seek additional help if necessary. The meeting was mainly technical, focusing on different aspects of Xano and WeWeb's functionality. The main keywords used were "Xano", "WeWeb", and "token."

(Source: Office Hours 1/26 )

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