Resolving API Endpoint Errors in Zano Through Data Table and User Authentication

The State Changers meeting was focused largely on discussing and resolving operational issues related to the creation of an API endpoint, specifically for an authorization token in the agency user data table via Xano. The key issue brought up by a participant was an unidentified variable popping up during the process; the error was spotted during password validation. The State Changers group navigated the debugging process together using Xano's built-in debugging tool. Central to this discussion was understanding how to properly navigate and analyze data in the 'get record' function stack. During this process, issues with retrieving the hashed version of the password were identified, and a solution was proposed to ensure that the password is properly retrievable, thereby improving the comparison functionality between entered and stored passwords. In conclusion, this meeting would be beneficial for those working with Xano, and dealing with similar issues related to creating API endpoints, password validation, and debugging.

(Source: Bonus - Ray At Xano Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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