Resolving API-related Issues and Data Reconciliation between QuickBooks and HubSpot

The State Changers meeting discussed troubleshooting issues related to QuickBooks and Retool. The conversation first centered around issues with connecting and extracting API data from QuickBooks, particularly the challenge in getting beyond sandbox data. State Changers proposed to push a specific button but identified that an OAuth function might need to be put into play to get past the sandbox.

Next, the discussion transitioned to difficulties around using Retool, in particular concerning plotting data on a chart. The challenges of working with different data series and average lines on Plotlify were articulated, along with difficulties in changing the color. The solution mentioned was to treat all data as one group rather than separate series to solve the problem of interconnecting lines not linking correctly. This treatment might require custom JavaScript or CSS styling. Key applications mentioned in the discussion include "QuickBooks," "OAuth," and "Retool," and various programming languages, including "JavaScript" and "CSS". The State Changers offered insights on integrating and managing data across different platforms effectively, and they discussed the potential of using other tools like "Xano", "Google Data Studio," or even the newly named "Looker Studio." While no definitive solutions were confirmed, multiple paths for problem-solving were identified that could bring about potential improvements to the operational flow of the project. Overall, this meeting would be beneficial for individuals working with data reconciliation in QuickBooks and experts trying to navigate challenges related to data representation in Retool. Those interested in leveraging JavaScript and CSS within these platforms could also gain insights from the discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 2/16 )

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