Resolving API Request Issues with Discord Using Zano

The State Changers held a meeting to discuss a technical issue related to an API request to Discord using the tool Xano. The participants dove deep into the implementation details, with the focus shifted to the issue of sending requests. It was noted that the content-type header was not set to application/json, the default with Discord. They changed the Discord headers to an array format, added content-type, and tested the API. The result showed HTTP status code 204, an indication of success.

They discussed response times, where the participants were warned that an API taking more than 30 seconds to respond may time out. Also, there was a proposal to handle this problem through post-process blocks or webhooks. The discussion then led to the topic of multiple API calls returning status 204. An idea was proposed that subsequent calls might need to mention the previous calls. The conversation ended with the suggestion to continue experimenting with different calls potentially through a tool like Postman for an easier set-up before integrating it into Xano. The attendees were suggested to keep the discussion going via a forum for collaborative problem-solving. Other tools mentioned in the meeting were Airtable and MidJourney. It's beneficial for individuals dealing with similar issues related to API requests, Xano, or Discord integration.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29/2023 )

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